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At ecoToken, we are bridging the gap between technology and sustainability. As a pioneering force in the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) space, we are leveraging the power of blockchain technology to transform the economics of environmental project funding.

Our core focus is to provide easy access to high-quality environmental credits in the voluntary market, across multiple blockchains. We identify scalable technologies that can not only have a substantial environmental impact but also a practical business use case. These technologies are then packaged into full-scale environmental projects, ready to be funded.

ecoToken is committed to launching and funding environmental projects through the production and sale of environmental credits. Our approach helps to monetize regenerative actions and reward those investing in projects, thereby making environmental regeneration economically viable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize the access to and utilization of environmental credits, making them available to anyone, anytime. We aim to effect substantial, sustainable change in the environmental sector and take environmental stewardship to new heights.

Our Vision

We envision a world where sustainability is not an afterthought, but a leading factor in decision-making. A world where the benefits of environmental regeneration are accessible to all.

Our Approach

At the core of ecoToken's strategy is our innovative dual-sided marketplace. This platform is being designed to connect eco-credit producing projects with corporations and individuals committed to reducing their environmental footprint. The future of our ecoSystem platform includes rewarding project funders with ecoTokens, creating a feedback loop that catalyzes support for environmental projects.

We are more than just a platform; we're setting the stage for a movement. A movement that empowers every individual and corporation to play a part in reshaping the future of environmental project funding through the pre-purchase of ecocredits.

Join the Movement

Take part in this emerging revolution. Pre-purchase ecocredits today and become a cornerstone in building a greener tomorrow. Every action counts.

Our Team
James Bettauer's photo
James Bettauer
CEO & Co-Founder

MBA graduate, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast. Experience in business creation and development. Now moving full time to blockchain business development.

Forrest Rohr's photo
Forrest Rohr
COO & Sales Lead

Forrest has over a decade of experience in sales and management. He recently came off of building a sales team of fifty in eighteen months.

Kerstin Butzelaar's photo
Kerstin Butzelaar
Marketing Manager

Communications and marketing professional with a background in tech and investor relations.

Keean Sarb's photo
Keean Sarb
Full-Stack Developer

A skilled fullstack web developer with expertise in React, TypeScript, and Next.js. Passionate about creating dynamic and user-friendly web applications.

Hunter Jozwiak's photo
Hunter Jozwiak
Web3 Integration and Minting

Fullstack Developer with a focus in Rust. Past experience in OS and graphical environment development.

Matsushima Goro's photo
Matsushima Goro
Full-Stack Developer

Rich experience in Web3. Develops in Rust and Solidity. Experience developing on Solana, Cosmos, and EVM chains.

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