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Verifiable cross chain ecocredit retirement on Solana with Carbon, Water, and Biodiversity credits

Manning Park Expansion

The 15.14 acre Harvey Manning Park Expansion project is part of 33 acres in the “Issaquah Alps” comprised of Tiger, Squak, and Cougar Mountains, above Lake Sammamish. Within Issaquah city limits and the Mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area corridor, the 100+ year old forest includes riparian and wetland habitat that supports wildlife corridors on Cougar Mountain and protects cool freshwater streams that feed Tibbetts Creek, a salmon-bearing tributary to Lake Sammamish. The City of Issaquah worked with community, King County, and the Trust for Public Land to protect this site.

REDD+ Mataven Forest Reserve

REDD+ Mataven Forest Unified Indigenous Reserve Project (REDD+ RIU-SM) represents the fourth largest indigenous reservation in Colombia and protects 1.15M hectares of natural forests from deforestation. This project safeguards biodiversity and provides education, healthcare, sanitation, food security, and other co-benefits for 15K indigenous people. The protection of this area also serves as a gatekeeper for deforestation threats moving from the Orinoco Savannahs to the Amazon.

Septic Treatment

The septic waste disposal facility in Orlando, Florida is seeking a new technology that will provide a more environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of septic waste water.

Currently, 15% of septic waste is transported to a landfill, where it releases methane emissions, and the remaining 85% is treated with lime before it is shipped 60 miles and sprayed on agricultural fields.

This process has significant CO2 emissions and can lead to the accumulation of excess nutrients in the soil. The dehumidification technology by NOAH Solutions will allow for the treatment of 100% of the septic waste water on site.

It is expected that only 8% solids will remain. The solid waste will be sterilized and suitable as fertilizer. The remaining 92% of potable water (PPM below 70) will meet approved guidelines and will be disposed of back into the Florida public water system. This will eliminate the need for transportation and the potential of harmful minerals seeping into agricultural land.

This project will produce Water Credits certified by the WaterDAO and Regen Network. These Water Credits have a co-benefit of Carbon Avoidance and Soil improvement.

Septic Sewage Treatment, Orlando, Florida

How users retire ecocredits

User chooses a project they want to support by offsetting their environmental impact with and logs in with Solana wallet.

Fill in details on who is credited with offsetting emissions and choose amount of credits to retire.

Pay for credits in USDC or SOL and confirm. This will retire credits on Regen Network, this will mint your NFT on Solana with the embedded transaction hash and all details filled in.

All ecocredits are verifiable on chain on the regen ledger with proof embedded in the nft

NFTs are created by you

Project Supported (Determines Background)
Amount of Credits Purchased (No Minimum)
Currency (USDC or SOL)
Retiree's Name (Chosen)

The User connects their Wallet and completes the transaction

Support decentralized grassroots environmental innovation

Support decentralized grassroots environmental innovation

Open ecocredit markets
Incentivize local action
High verification standards
More than just carbon credits
Incredible opportunity for real change
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